How Fair & Lovely of them or Is It?

HUL the company behind Fair and lovely, the skin lightening cream had decided to drop ‘fair’ from its name.

It took the BLM protest in the USA for an Indian brand to change the name of what is still a fairness/ skin lightening cream. But it did finally happen and people at large seem to be happy with the company’s decision. After years of manipulating the masses into making them think fair is better the company finally couldn’t resist the backlash.

Although the fault is very much theirs, it is not entirely a creation of their PR. People in the subcontinent have been racist since the very early days. Songs like “hm kaale gain to kya hua dilwaale hain” and the hundreds of others in which the actresses are referred as ‘gori’ are a very embarrassing collection of our racist past. The Bollywood has cashed on it and so has these companies.

Deepike in a fairness cream ad
Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka doing the same

The list of celebrities who have endorsed these creams is fairly long and not so lovely. Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, everyone you can think of has probably endorsed these skin lightening products at one point or the other. The company has paid these Fair and Lovely ambassadors to manipulate people into thinking fair is good and dark skin complexion is ugly. The irony is that most of these celebrities are not even fair that they shamelessly ask you to be, to begin with.

Virat Kohli in Fair and Handsome ad

You could go to Youtube and find hundreds of Fair and lovely ads that are so tone-deaf that even the actors and actresses featuring in those ads would be embarrassed today.

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Why the sudden change?

The company is going through with this move most likely due to governments regulation changes due to Black Lives Matter protest all around the world. Most if not all corporations care about money and everything else is secondary. So seems the case with HUL. These companies go with the flow and respond to societal changes for their gain, that is the first rule of these corporations.

These companies only care about progress when it’s profitable

So HUL will come out with woke ads in the coming years about how every colour is beautiful or some other lame campaign to tap into the next trend in our society to make money. BUT will still sell these creams. These are mere companies, they don’t dictate our behaviour, they just use it for monetary gains. The bigger culprit is Bollywood, that has lost its way and cannot differentiate between reality and fiction at the moment.

Selling its soul and morality for monetary gains is the unspoken rule of the industry. That’s what caused Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s suicide and is the reason for many such atrocities. When we stop making heroes of these Bollywood actors and allow them to lecture ourselves is when this will end.

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