How the Hell Can Royal Enfield Launch 20 Motorcycles in Next 5 Years


Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has received rave reviews from riders in the country. Its vibration-free engine along with the new and improved Royal Enfiled build quality seems to be working well for the company evident by the fact that the Meteor is selling twice as much as the Honda H’ness. While the good engine, build quality and styling takes the centre stage for this bike, one feature that makes it special is the “Tripper navigation”. It is basically a small screen that shows navigation essentials such as turns, roundabouts and straight road distances. The below video explains Tripper Navigation.

Tripper Navigation, central to new Royal Enfield launches.

Royal Enfield has said that it will launch a new motorcycle every quarter for the next 5 years. That means it is going to launch, 20 motorcycles in the next half-decade. That’s a LOT of motorcycles to design, manufacture and get to the customers. There is, however, a catch! These 20 motorcycles will not be “new” motorcycles, in the sense that most of these upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles would either be a minor refresh or a feature update. The Tripper Navigation would be central to all of these motorcycles getting launched in the future. So far, a new Himalayan, Interceptor 350, Classic 350, Hunter, Cruiser 650 and Interceptor 650 have been spied being tested on the road. All of these motorcycles would have Tripper Navigation.

New 350 engine in many chassis

New 350cc engine built on J-platform by Royal Enfield

Designing and manufacturing a new engine is probably the costliest part of launching a new motorcycle. It takes a huge amount of money in Research and Development for a new engine and when a company makes a new engine, it wants to use it in as many new motorcycles as it could. The company creates a number of chassis designs and styles so that the same engine could be put in all without looking like the same motorcycle. Royal Enfield currently has 5 engines.

  1. 350cc engine in Classic 350/ Bullet/ Thunderbird
  2. New 350cc engine in Meteor 350/ Upcoming Interceptor 350/ Ucoming Classic 350
  3. 650cc engine in Interceptor/ GT 650/ Upcoming Cruiser 650
  4. 411cc engine in Himalayan
  5. 499cc in Classic / Bullet 500

Royal Enfield would retire the old 350cc engine and use the other 4 in its next 20 motorcycles by changing the chassis geometry of those upcoming bikes. The addition of Tripper Navigation and a new engine would be more than enough for a motorcycle to be called new. This is how Royal Enfield can launch 20 new motorcycles in the next 5 years.

Of course, there would be other new models that we don’t know as of yet, but the new 350cc engine, 650cc twin and Tripper Navigation are going to do most of the lifting for Royal Enfield in the coming half-decade.

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