How to flash Android 12 on Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge?


Xiaomi has risen to the top spot in India’s smartphone market in the last year. This is mostly due to their mid and lower range smartphones that offer great value to Indian smartphone users. Recently Xiaomi launched a premium mid-range phone called the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. It is basically the renamed version of the Chinese Redmi Note 11 Pro.

Both Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge and Chinese Redmi Note 11 Pro have exactly the same hardware except for the JBL tuned speakers in Redmi Note 11 Pro that the Xiaomi 11i Hyprcharge misses on.

The Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge is now a 4-month-old device. It was launched after the announcement of Android 12 and so people understandably thought the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge to be one of the first Xiaomi devices to get Android 12 based MIUI 13.

They were wrong!

Even after 4 months, the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge is still running the old Android 11 version on MIUI 12.5. Not just that but older Xiaomi devices like the Xiaomi 11 NE 5G and Redmi Note 10 Pro have got the new MIUI 13 and yet the newer Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge is without Android 12 or MIUI 13.

So how do you get Android 12 on Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge now that the company has abandoned their premium phone all together?

How to get Android 12 on Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge?

The fastest way to get the latest version of Android on any device is to do it on your own. You can just go ahead and flash the latest Android version instead of waiting for the company to do so.

Custom ROMS like Pixel Experience, ArrowOS, Paranoid Android, Havoc OS and many others are bloat-free versions of Android that are fast and secure. Developers are very quick to create a custom ROM as soon as the new Android version launches.

They however mostly focus on popular devices. Xiaomi 11i Hypercharege being a premium mid-range phone is not very popular; now more so after the launch of the Redmi Note 11 and other Realme phones that are better.

Also because of the Mediatek Processor used in Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge, it is a little difficult to create a custom ROM for it. Pixel Experience who have made Custom ROM for most Xiaomi devices have still not come up with a custom ROM for Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge.

At this point, you cannot Flash Android 12 on Xiaomi 11i Hypercaharge because there is no custom ROM available for it. With time, however, it should change and you should be able to get an Android 12 based custom ROM for Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge.

But at this point, we are at the mercy of Xiaomi and its questionable update policy.

Will Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge get Android 12?

It should get Android 12 but at this point, it is very difficult to say when Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge would actually get the latest version of android or the MIUI 13.

If you want an android smartphone that gets timely updates then you must look at Samsung Galaxy A52 and 53. Even Realme phones have better update cycle than the Xiaomi phones.

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