How to make guys like you – Reddit answers an ‘unattractive’ girl’s question


The modern dating scene often grapples with the complexities of physical appearance and societal beauty standards. However, a recent Reddit discussion shed light on the deeper aspects of attraction, emphasizing that the qualities that truly make a woman appealing go beyond superficial beauty. From kindness and empathy to confidence and intelligence, men emphasized the significance of various personality traits that contribute to a woman’s charm and desirability.

Something like this happened with a girl on Reddit. The self-professed ‘unattractive’ girl asked Redditers what she should be doing to make guys like her. Reddit as is usually the case came up with some brilliant, funny, stupid, and weird answers for this question. Here are the genuine ones picked up from the lot. 

How to make guys like you, according to Reddit:

Emphasis on Personal Development:

Many respondents stressed the importance of a woman’s ability to take care of her health, showcase empathy, and demonstrate a sense of purpose for the future. They valued individuals who exhibit a positive and considerate nature, reflecting a genuine concern for personal well-being and emotional intelligence.

Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution:

Effective communication and conflict resolution skills were highlighted as crucial attributes that foster healthy relationships. The ability to articulate thoughts civilly during disagreements resonated with many, indicating a preference for open and respectful dialogue rather than heated arguments.

Confidence and Self-Love:

While confidence was acknowledged as a desirable trait, the emphasis was on a healthy level of self-assurance rather than overt arrogance. Men appreciated women who exuded positivity and self-love, irrespective of societal beauty standards, recognizing that attractiveness transcends physical appearance.

Intelligence and Cultural Awareness:

A well-read and intellectually curious nature, coupled with a reasonable understanding of popular culture, was perceived as an attractive quality. The ability to engage in meaningful conversations and exhibit a genuine interest in diverse subjects was valued, indicating that mental stimulation is a significant aspect of attraction for many.

The Power of Positivity and Support:

Respondents appreciated women who exhibited a supportive and encouraging nature, highlighting the significance of a cheerleader-like attitude in fostering emotional connections. Acts of kindness, understanding, and unwavering support were identified as key factors that contribute to a woman’s appeal and likability.

The candid responses from Reddit users emphasised that while physical appearance might initially attract attention, it is a woman’s character, demeanor, and emotional intelligence that ultimately determine her appeal and lasting impression. The shared sentiment advocated for genuine self-love, positive energy, and meaningful connections, underscoring the importance of authentic personal qualities in cultivating fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

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