I predicted the Royal Enfield Scram 411, Kind of!


Royal Enfield Himalayan has changed the whole landscape of adventure motorcycles in India. It has single-handedly created a niche that was non-existent ever since the first motorcycle was revved. Now the segment is flourishing with the likes of Adventure 390, BMW 310GS, Yezdi Adventure and the OG Himalayan. This post isn’t about any of these motorcycles.

This post is about one of my predictions that is coming true. Sort of!


In order to understand what I’m getting at, I would like to take you back one year back when I published this article.

With this article I pondered why Royal Enfield Himalayan needed a beak and if it would look better without one. I compared two Royal Enfield Himalayans, one with a beak and the other without it. To my eye, the one Royal Enfield Himalayan without the beak looked ever so slightly better and not at all unusual. The Royal Enfield Himalayan has a beak simply because it’s an adventure motorcycle and someone somewhere could take it to a slug road after removing the mudguard.

Sure no one would do that as it’s a 200kg motorcycle with 24 hp and meaning the rider would have to propel themselves with their own legs and not the other way around.

I wondered if Royal Enfield would launch a Himalayan without a beak and viola, they are going to do just that. A year later and Royal Enfield is launching a Himalayan without beak!

Enter Royal Enfield Scram 411

Royal Enfield is on a course to launch 20 motorcycles in 5 years. They have already launched the Meteor 350, Classic 350 and Himalayan 2.0. Their next launch for this year is Hunter 350, Shotgun 650 and Scram 411.

Scram 411, in particular, has caught my attention. This Di Caprio meme is an apt description of how I reacted when I saw the Royal Enfield Scram.

My reaction when I first saw the spy shots of Scram

The Scram 411 is essentially a Himalayan without a beak and a windshield.

When will Royal Enfield Scram 411 be launched?

The Royal Enfield is testing multiple motorcycles at this point in time. Currently, motorcycles like Scram 411, Hunter 350, Shotgun 650 along with Interceptor 350 have been spied being tested on Indian roads so it is unclear which ones will be launched first. The Scram 411 however has been spied at the dealers which means it would be the first among all these motorcycles to be launched.

Just a couple of days ago Royal Enfield announced that the Scram 411 will be launched on 7th March 2022.

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