In India, Fame could get you where Qualification can’t!


A society having the attention span of a puppy is bound to be controlled by small treats!

Do you ever watch someone and wonder how they got there? Hema Malini in Politics, Baba Ramdev in Business, Alia Bhatt in singing, and many others who have an entirely different career but end up in politics just because they happen to be famous? The list is quite frankly absurdly long to type here but you get the gist.

As the saying goes, “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. Rakhi Sawant, Dhinchak Pooja, Sambit Patra, and many others constantly use this tactic and manage to stay relevant without having any substantial talent in their respective fields.

The public is more interested in clout than qualification

Facts take a backseat if not backed by a famous person and an opinion often becomes the word of the god if it’s a famous person’s. Just go to Twitter and you could watch all the filth flying around. You could almost watch the popular person you looked upto turn into a narcissistic a**hole in real-time.

Nothing matters more than fame today.

It’s the only thing that has gotten Trump elected in the US, Modi in India, and similar politicians in other countries. There is no bar for getting into politics anymore apart from fame. You could be an actor and in the blink of an eye turn into a politician. Sunny Deol, Prakash Raj, Hema Malini, the list is a long one to name every actor turned politician. What are their credibility and qualification? Absolutely nothing! Just that they’re famous.

The media is equally to blame for this system that awards more attention to famous people’s opinions. Every news agency goes looking for opinions of celebrities whenever the country’s gripped with problems. Like the time when Farhaan Akhtar joined anti-CAA protests without having any knowledge of what it was about. Baba Ramdev went from Yoga guru to a nutrition expert/ businessmen and no one even noticed!

It’s like if a person is famous he could easily switch careers and would be treated with the same respect and honor as was in his past field of expertise.

Baba Ramdev turned into a successful businessman backed by the ultra nationalistic atmosphere in the country

It boggles my mind that people assume a popular person would certainly know about everything. The media encouraging this behavior on top of it has made qualified people feel alienated. We have celebrities giving public advice on financial issues, border disputes, and other issues that they have no knowledge nor qualification to speak anything of. Still these celebrities continue to spew their garbage opinions and the masses lap it up like liquor after lockdown.

When people realised that there are no repercussions of being caught lying, abusing, and being downright morally corrupt is when this really took off.

The blueprint for success through the means of fame was laid out by Modi in 2014. Backed by talented analysts, an image for the PM was created and promoted through advertisement worth Thousands of Crores. PM won in 2014 and again in 2019 letting everyone know that this surely works.

Everyone now knows this and is just following suit. From movies to politics, every field is plagued with celebrities trying to shove their opinions down general people’s throats leaving no room for any credible voice to be heard.

Singers, running for CM, and talking about financial issues without any knowledge. Actors asking the poor to let a forest be cut down and instead grow more trees in their gardens to actors turned politicians not knowing anything about their constituencies, there is just too much of famous people running their mouth without any substance. All this just because it has become too easy for famous people to jump into a field without having any qualifications whatsoever.

This video of Andrew Schulz where he explains what’s wrong with the USA’s society holds true for India as well.

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