Indian News Media Hits Rock Bottom, News Nation Calls the South Korean K-Pop Band “Strippers”


Indian mainstream news channels have taken upon themselves to get the award for the most unprofessional news organisations. Anchors recreating astronauts to people debating dressed as gods to retired Army general abusing live. Everything weird thing you can think of has been said and done here.

News Nation has added to that growing list of unprofessional behaviour with a recent blunder. In a segment about China, it showed a video of all-girl South Korean K-Pop band Blackpink and called them “strippers”.

The segment was about interesting cultures around the world and wanted to malign the Chinese culture but their incompetence got the better of them. They took some random video from YouTube which happened to be Blackpink performing live on stage on their last tour, “In your area”. The two singers performing are Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) and Kim Jennie (Jennie).

Soon people took to twitter and called for the news channel’s apology, which the channel has not yet issued. The Blackpink India’s twitter handle itself had to draw people’s attention to this rather shameful and unprofessional journalism.

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