IPL 2021 on the Verge of Cancellation?


IPL 2020 was a huge success despite hugely affected by the pandemic. It was the perfect source of entertainment for more than a billion people in the world jailed at home. The BCCI wants to replicate the success of the previous IPL amidst an ever-increasing COVID-19 tally. This time however it’s being held in India and things are very different here than it was in the UAE.

Leniency among us Indians is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes us highly capable of surviving any situation, on the other, it has the potential to royally backfire, something that I’m afraid is going to happen with the IPL 2021. So far Nitish Rana, Axar Patel, Paddikal, CSK staff, Wankhede groundsman among others have been tested positive for COVID. This ever-increasing tally of coronavirus positive players points to a bleak future for the IPL 2021.

All these players however are not in the bubble. Axar Patel went to his family after the England series and tested positive there. Nitish Rana tested positive before entering the bubble and so did Paddikal. He tested positive outside of the bubble and would spend 7 mandatory days after recovering before entering into the bubble with the rest of the team.

IPL 2020 Was Similarly Affected by Positive Cases

Last year’s IPL which was held in UAE was marred with a similar if not greater COVID scare wherein many players and staff members were infected with the virus. The tournament however was taken to completion without any major issue, all thanks to the bio bubble and strict observation of it.

While these high profile positive cases certainly raise alarm and point towards the cancellation of IPL 2021, the reality is far from it. The fate of this year’s IPL depends on the strictness of the bio bubble. If players enter the bubble after testing negative and observe strict rules then there is nothing to worry about. However, if any one player or staff is found to flaunt rules, there could be massive bad implications of it and the tournament could well be cancelled.

What if Cases Continue to Rise?

If cases continue to rise among players then IPL 2021 faces the risk of cancellation. The tournament cannot be pushed further as there is T20 World Cup to be played after the IPL. So we’re left with just two options. Either the tournament goes as planned, given all players remain COVID free or the IPL 2021 is cancelled if the virus breaches the bio bubble. Let us hope for the former!

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