Is Bolero Neo Just a Rebadged TUV 300?


Mahindra has launched a new compact SUV to challenge the growing list of similar cars from other brands. The Bolero Neo is Mahindra’s answer to Ecosport, Magnite, and others. But is it new? Why does it look like a TUV 300? Is Bolero Neo a rebadged TUV 300? Let’s compare these two in a Bolero Neo vs TUV 300 test!


Both Bolero Neo and TUV 300 are ladder on frame SUVs with sub 4 meters in length. These are taller than all the other compact SUVs out there but have a similar width to Ecosport. Both look the same inside out. From body panels, light designs. grill, the position of the spare tyre, everything is the same. The only addition to the Bolero Neo is the running lights incorporated at the front. Essentially though it is the same car inside and out. See for yourself


The new Bolero Neo comes with just 1 engine option, a 1.5L Diesel Manual. The older TUV 300 came with two engine options, a 1.5L Diesel Manual as well as a 1.5L Diesel Automatic. It produced 100bhp and 80bhp. In the later part of the TUV 300 life cycle, the 85bhp motor was dropped along with AMT and it was offered with only the 10bhp diesel manual.


In terms of features, both come with a good list of features like power steering, ABS, Keyless entry etc, but it does not have the feature lits of South Koran brands Kia and Hyundai. Things like air purifiers are missing from the Bolero Neo as well as TUV 300.


When it comes to pricing the new Bolero Neo starts from Rs 8.5 Lakhs to Rs 9.99Lakhs whereas the older TUV 300 started from Rs 8.38 Lakhs to Rs 10.17 Lakhs. Both have a very similar price tag as well. .

Final Verdict

From all aspects, it looks like the Bolero Neo is a rebadged TUV 300 and the company is not even trying to hide it. It looks exactly the same as before inside and out and also has the same engine, gearbox and chassis. There is no mistaking Bolero Neo for anything other than a newer TUV 300. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that. Honestly, TUV 300 err Bolero Neo is the only compact SUV that is worthy of the name SUV. None of the other SUVs can hold a candle to the capability of Bolero Neo. The TUV 300 should have been a success given the combination of price, looks and capability but due to bad PR/ advertisement by the company, it was a failure.

Mahindra wants to right the wrongs with TUV 300 and hence changes its name for a fresh start of the car. The company has rightfully targeted it towards urban first-time car owners, something that it should have done in the first place. If the company advertises it well, it could sell in huge numbers. All that however is still to be seen. What do you think, will the Bolero Neo suffer the same fate as TUV 300 or will its fate be changed with a change in name?

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