Is Mourinho’s Time at Spurs Over?


Watching last nights Chelsea-Tottenham game gave me flashbacks of Mourinho’s second spell at Chelsea and at Manchester United. That Spurs teams looked like Mourinho’s United albeit in a different jersey. The players lacked intent just like Mourinho’s United, they stopped playing just like Pogba and Co and they were boring to watch, just like his third season at his last two clubs.

Watching Spurs players waddle about the pitch in an attempt to not look obvious was a trip down the memory lane when United and Chelsea’s players did the same with Mourinho. I saw a team that has given up on the manager. It was infuriating to watch as a neutral, wonder what would be Spurs’ fans mood at this time.

It’s sad to see the same Mourinho after what seemed like a honeymoon phase for Spurs when they were top of the league earlier this season. The veil of happy go lucky character, smiling and claiming he has learnt from his mistakes, is falling off. Now we’re getting to the toxic phase which leaves the club in tatters after he’s gone. It looks like he has lost the trust of the players with his open criticism. Players like Aurier, Alli etc have fallen out with the manager and do not want to play for him. Injury to Kane and a tired Son has probably added to Mourinho’s woes. Negative displays, player bust-up, as well as rude media comments like he did about Tuchel, has ruined the atmosphere around the club.

Personally, I’ve always loved Mourinho. Now however I think his tactics are obsolete and his time is over. He seems like an analogue manager in a digital era. Mourinho who was once considered the special one has fallen behind the modern game.

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