Is this the worst run-out miss ever?


Cricket is a game of fine margins; with just a few centimetres the ball could be given a no-ball, a batsman could be given LBW, a four could be given a six and a win could be turned into a defeat as well. At the highest level, everything counts which is why all sportspeople are expected to give their all and perform at the highest level always.

Just look at the ongoing IPL and how closely fought every match is turning out to be. It is because at no point does a team accept defeat. This is also because every player is filled to the brim with immense talent something that is not always true.

Watch the below video to understand what I’m talking about here. This is from a recently concluded women’s match between UAE and Hong Kong. This could be the worst run-out miss ever in the history of cricket.

Even after watching this run out miss a hundred times, I cannot figure out how she can miss the stumps there. The player at shot had to just simply touch the bails and it would have come off. She was well within reach and had enough time on her hands to make that run out and yet she somehow missed it.

The only explanation I could come up with is that she must have wanted to just slightly touch the wicket with the ball and not with her fingers as it would hurt if the impact is strong. However, in order to be soft, she missed the wicket altogether. Once she’s past the wicket she can’t come back and we have the worst run-out miss of all time, probably.

Note: This is nothing against women’s cricket, it’s just bad decision making and could happen (actually happens regularly) in men’s cricket too.

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