Is Timo Werner a Flop at Chelsea?


Timor Werner, the Chelsea striker bought in for $80 Million is facing some criticism from fans and some pundits alike. He started out in the English Premier League in a rich vein of form but lately, his goals have dried up. He has come out and said that Premier League is indeed tougher than he expected but is he really on the way to being a flop?

Absolutely not! When compared to the likes of Martial, Aubameyang, Mane, Firmino and Sterling, Werner holds his own. He has 4 goals in 14 matches. Martial has 1 in 9, Aubameyang has 3 in 13, Sterling has 4 in 12, Mane has 5 in 13 and Firmino has 5 in 14. In terms of assists, Werner has 4 as opposed to Martial’s 3, Aubameyang’s 1, Sterling’s 2, Mane’s 2 and Firmino’s 3. Is any of these players a flop? These other players have been playing in the league for a lot longer while Werner has had just half a year.

Expectations too high?

I think he is labelled a flop because he came to England with a very high expectations. He has always been on the radar of European heavyweights and when Chelsea signed him for a significant amount, it was expected of him to take the premier league by storm. That however has not happened which is why fans are quick to label him flop.

A very hopeful future awaits

Werner tops the list for the players to hit the woodwork most in the Premier League. He has hit the bar 5 times in 14 matches. This goes to shows that he is constantly finding great positions only to be let down by poor finishing. I think he is just underconfident at the moment. All stats point to him being a really good striker once he finds his feet in the league. Remember he has had just 6 months in the league. Even the Chelsea legend Drogba had a poor first few months before he became the absolute best number 9 in the world.

All Werner needs is some time to adjust to the pace of the Premier League after which with the kind of work rate he has, he would be banging in goals for fun.

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