Is Vashikaran Real or Fake?


While working as a Search Engine Evaluator I come across hundreds of user queries on Google on a daily basis. Some are general queries intended to get information, some are porn. There is however a large number of queries that leave me shaking my head in absolute disbelief. One of which is Vashikaran and different versions of it such as, “is vashikaran real”, Vashikaran Mantra, vashikaran totke, vashikaran specialist, etc.

I decided to dive deeper

Looking at the vast number of searches I decided to have a look at it myself and see what is actually going on in the name of easy problem-solving. I wanted to find out if vashikaran is real and so I looked at a bunch of websites that offer vashikaran services and this is what I found.

This guy announces himself as the original specialist who can make the impossible possible, for you.

There is a huge number of websites that offer vashikaran mantra and vashikaran totke that could solve any problem you might have. And sure they cost money! The only service they offer is, however, a steady supply of humour based on incorrect use of grammar!

This guy who was known as the best Vashikaran expert in India became the best in the world towards the end of the paragraph.

The father of vashikaran!

What I thought would be too little a scam to cause actual problems turned out to be an all-out industry working as an underground mafia on the internet. These scammers have taken over a significant part of the web with their IT cell employees bombarding every article that talks against them, with fake vashikaran reviews. Most of the vashikaran reviews go like this.

vashikaran comments
Advice to find real vashikaran guru

vashikaran comments
Same advice

vashikaran comments
Again a “real vashikaran guru”

This is the guy everyone seems to be looking for

All these reviews advise on finding a “real vashikaran expert”. Everyone thinks that theirs is a real vashikaran expert and everyone else is a fraud. If you think this through you’ll come to a logical conclusion that all of them are frauds competing with each other for potential customers before people realise it’s all a scam.

If vashikaran was real, no rich person would ever be unhappy.

Why do people flock to these scammers?

India is a developing nation with more than 1.3 billion people. It’s a country bristling with ambitious people who when faced with failure become frustrated and confused. In search of an easy win, these people then end up in the laps of gurus or astrologers who sell them hope.

Vasikaran seems like the easiest way to solve any problem (which are plenty in the country), hence people continue to fall prey to these scammers. The Indian population has a continuous supply of ignorant men and women who believe there is an easy way to get rid of their issues through black magic. These scammers take advantage of the growing chaos in the world and make money.

Gurus like Sadhguru who mix pseudoscience and superstitions sugarcoated in English and serve it to the masses have become millionaires

Vashikaran is a total scam. It does not work.

A girl will not fall in love with you if you chant a bunch of words with her picture in your hand.

Your business will not grow if you recite a meaningless poem with lemons and incense sticks by your side.

Your marriage will not be saved if you continue to give money to scammers instead of talking to your significant other and figuring out the problem yourself.

Instead of giving money to that scammer buy some flowers and gifts and go talk to that girl you have a crush on. Instead of blowing your cash on a “real vashikaran expert” learn how to properly invest. You’re giving your money to one of the stupidest scams in the market, no wonder your business is failing!

Vashikaran never has and never will work so stop looking for an easy way out from your responsibilities. The human race hasn’t come so far because of magic but due to sheer will for solving any problem however impossible it might seem to be. Find that sheer will and go solve your problems yourselves.

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