Jai Hind Doston, You Just Got Fooled in the Name of Nationalism


Hindustani Bhau, the Youtuber famous for abusing, has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and that tells us everything that’s wrong with our society today.

Hindustani Bhau is a guy from Mumbai who makes videos abusing people he doesn’t like. His abusive videos have become so famous that he has made a career out of it. Now, he selects people who are easy targets and abuses them in the most mindless way possible.

He began his career by abusing ( what even) Pakistan after tensions between the two countries soared. As he witnessed people liking his abusive behaviour towards another person on the internet, he began making more of those. Every video usually has the same content. Same abuses, same sentences, same everything! He starts off with “Jai Hind doston” which in India means he’s very patriotic and would go to great lengths for the country. In reality, however, that couldn’t be more incorrect.

People like these just use nationalism for their personal gain. People who are actually patriotic are busy working for the country in different fields, not abusing people on the internet and getting easy money. Everyday someone comes along and profits off of ultra-nationalism that has plagued the nation at the moment. Baba Ramdev, Akshay Kumar, Hindustani Bhau, Sudhir Chaudhary. The list is absurd long, to be honest. They don’t care about the nation or its people, it’s just that nationalism is a big moneymaker at the moment and these opportunists are just profiting off of it.

Hindustani Bhau uses the same tactic and landed in Big Boss. The guy has been on national TV because of his abuses! All of us adults have collectively decided that a person who sits in his car and abuses people online is a worthy candidate for national TV and that is frankly very distressful.

We openly abuse Pakistan’s mother on the internet, an abuse that befalls our country if you think about it since Pakistan came out of India.

Arsenal example (Arsenal FanTV)

This ranting has been recently popularized by the Arsenal FanTV. For those who don’t follow football, Arsenal is an English club and Arsenal FanTV is a YouTube channel that features the fans of Arsenal. The channel, however, is mostly popular because of some regular Arsenal supporters constantly ranting on about the bad state of their club. This constant bickering was so toxic that the club had to come out and distance itself from the channel. The club also asked the creators to remove Arsenal from their channel’s name. There was a time a couple of years ago when people flocked to AFTV whenever Arsenal lost matches to watch the meltdown of their supporters in real-time.

This has come to our country in form of Hindustani Bhau and the likes who are so much in the zone at the moment with our continued approval that they have started giving rape threats to women on the internet without any shame or fear. This, however, is upon us. We as a society have made abusing people cool. Kohli does it on the field wearing the national journey and we think that’s the coolest thing ever.

Comedians with poor content and fake English accent say ba**nch*d once and we think of it as the best joke in the history of jokes.

Is a young population the reason?

India has an average age of just 29 with more than 65% of the population being under 35. That means there are more people in the country who like abuses than those who don’t. People who abuse get to the top backed by a large number of teenage population on the internet. It’s simple maths. The problem is that adults give in to this young population. Instead of reminding them that we’ve been a country of politeness, non-violence we validate their behaviour and out come products like Hindustani Bhau. Sitting in their cars giving rape threats to young women, normalising abusive behaviour to young children on YouTube, these guys don’t have a shred of shame and fear. After all, they’ve already said Jai Hind in the beginning!

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