Jawan and Kisan Clash on Republic Day


The farmer’s protest that reached Delhi today had their own parade with tractors. It was peaceful until they met police barricades at the inner Delhi area. There are reports of clashes between police and the farmers but thankfully there have been no casualties so far.

In a move that has angered a large chunk of the population, the protesting farmers have hoisted Nishan Sahib flag NOT A KHALISTANI FLAG as most right-wing supporters would now claim. This flag is hoisted at every gurudwara and holds a great significance in the Sikh community. Watch below.

The tractor rally that was planned to follow a different route swayed off course when it was met with resolute police. The group broke into different parts one of which found its way to the red fort. Farmers also clashed with police at multiple places. It was the clash at ITO that was captured in which protestors could be seen deliberately trying to run police over with tractors. Thankfully there were no casualties but this hot-blooded reaction would certainly weaken the protest throughout India.

What started out as a peaceful protest is now turning into a riot. The two most important groups that helped win BJP the elections have now been turned against each other. In a sad turn of events, Jai Jawan has been turned against Jai Kishan on the Republic Day of India.

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