JioChat’s Terms and Conditions Is a Joke


Recently Jio copied Zoom app to make JioMeet and now it has copied WhatsApp to make JioChat. While the rules aren’t as stern in copying UI design as it is in for automotive plagiarism, this still is copying someone else’s homework.

Reliance has become the biggest company in India due to its investment in a large number of sectors. Seeing the rise of video conferencing apps, it decided to have a foothold in this as well. However, instead of designing UI/UX by itself, the company blatantly copied Zoom app. It didn’t even spare the logo.

The company didn’t stop there, after doing away with Zoom, it copied WhatsApp and made it into JioChat. The copy is so blatant that no amount of excuse is enough. Facebook recently bought 9.99% stake in Jio for Rs 43,755 Crores and could’ve lent them the design in that deal. That is, however, no excuse for a blatant copy like this. A company who is supposed to handle data of millions of Indian cannot even design their own apps?

We should make sure we don’t become China while fighting it. This doesn’t make a good example of being Aatmanirbhar, it instead ironically defeats the whole purpose. While UI doesn’t mean any harm to users if the data is handled properly, but looking at the privacy policy and terms and conditions of JioMeet, it seems even that is not certain.

The company says in the terms and condition that Jio is not responsible for any data that is sent through the application. Not only this but, it would also send you targeted ads and other recommendations by using your personal information and chats.

Jio terms and condition
Targeted ads

It will also sell those data to advertisement companies in order for them to send targeted ads to you. The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of JioMeet, as well as JioChat, is a goldmine for compromised privacy.

The company could send you targeted ads based on your personal data

The target customer, however, is an average Indian who doesn’t have knowledge of all this and is oblivious to the fact that Jio uses their personal data the way it likes. Even the government doesn’t care at this point, to no surprise, given how intricately woven Reliance and they are.

Only use JioChat if you don’t have much care for the information you’re giving this company.

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