Jorginho’s latest social media post confirms Kai Havertz to Arsenal deal: Fans speculate


A recent social media post by former Chelsea player Jorginho has sent waves of excitement among football fans. In the picture, Jorginho is seen alongside his former Chelsea teammate and German sensation, Kai Havertz. This unexpected reunion at Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga’s wedding has sparked speculation that Havertz might be on the verge of joining Arsenal. While rumors of Havertz’s potential move to Arsenal have been circulating for weeks, this latest photograph has ignited further anticipation among fans.

A Cryptic Message or Friendly Gesture?

Football fans are known for their ability to dissect even the smallest details, and this reunion between Jorginho and Havertz has not escaped their scrutiny. The fact that both players were captured smiling in the photograph has led many fans to believe it could be a cryptic message hinting at an imminent transfer. However, it is important to approach such speculation with caution, as players often maintain friendships and frequently meet up outside the realm of transfers.

Here’s the now-viral picture of Josginho and Havertz together: 

The Havertz to Arsenal Saga:

Ever since his arrival at Stamford Bridge, Kai Havertz has showcased immense talent and potential. However, reports of a potential move to Arsenal have intensified in recent weeks. Arsenal’s desire to bolster their attacking options with a player of Havertz’s caliber has been well-documented. While negotiations have been ongoing, a final deal has yet to be confirmed. This has fueled fans’ eagerness for any sign or indication that the transfer is on the verge of completion.

Earlier Havertz had posted a picture with former teammate Kovacic who has recently moved to Manchester City. He has used the caption, “We’re ready”.

The Significance of Jorginho’s Involvement:

Jorginho’s presence in the photograph adds another layer of intrigue to the speculation. As a former Chelsea player himself, Jorginho would undoubtedly have insight into Havertz’s potential departure. However, it is important to remember that players often maintain close relationships with former teammates, irrespective of club affiliations. While the photograph may indicate nothing more than a friendly gathering, fans are understandably excited by the possibilities it presents.

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