‘Just a nice paint job’- Debunking the myth about Vande Sadharan Train


The recent introduction of the Vande Sadharan train in the Indian Railways has sparked considerable excitement and anticipation among the general public, with the government hailing it as a groundbreaking advancement for the country’s railway infrastructure. However, upon closer inspection, the purported novelty and innovation surrounding the Vande Sadharan train seem to be shrouded in a cloak of exaggeration, raising questions about the authenticity of the proclaimed achievements and advancements in the Indian railway sector.

Regular LHB with push-pull configuration

Contrary to the grandiose portrayal on social media, the Vande Sadharan train, touted as a new semi-high-speed sleeper train, appears to be nothing more than a regular train equipped with sleeper LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches, supplemented by a push-pull configuration powered by two WAP5 locomotives. While the train boasts a unique livery adorned with a striking combination of black and orange, reminiscent of the distinctive design of the new Vande Bharat trains, the overall operational framework and technical specifications remain largely unremarkable and unaltered.

Aerodynamic WAP-5

The inclusion of slightly aerodynamic WAP5 engines might be viewed as a minor upgrade, but it falls short of the groundbreaking advancements and revolutionary changes that were initially suggested by the fervor surrounding the train’s launch. With the absence of significant technological innovations or structural modifications, the Vande Sadharan train’s purported distinction from conventional sleeper trains appears to be more of an optical illusion than a substantive transformation in the realm of Indian railway transportation.

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Here’s the yet-to-be-announced Vande Sadharan train: 

There is no question that the soon-to-be-launched Vande Sadharan train looks good on the outside and offers significant acceleration over the other normal trains with a single locomotive. It however does not hold any advantage over the other trains that are already plying.

The Indian Railways could actually shoot themselves in the foot with the pricing of the tickets of the Vande Sadharan train. If they increase the ticket price for this train as compared to other express trains then people might give Vande Sadharan train a pass. The target customer that the Indian Railways is targetting with this train does not care much about the ‘looks’ as long as they get to their destination on budget. It will be interesting to see how Vande Sadharan fares when it gets launched.

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