Kai Havertz scores ZERO goals in MLS cross and volley challenge, first player in history


Arsenal’s new signing, Kai Havertz, has encountered a difficult start to his tenure at the club, failing to score in an MLS All-Star ‘cross-and-volley challenge’ and receiving criticism from fans on social media. This disappointing performance has raised doubts about his adaptation to the team and his potential contribution to Arsenal’s first team.

During the MLS All-Star ‘cross-and-volley challenge,’ Havertz failed to find the net despite numerous attempts. His awkward and misjudged shots drew criticism from fans, branding him as “a waste of money” and “completely useless” on social media. In a subsequent ‘touch challenge,’ his performance improved slightly, but the online ridicule continued. These videos have not been well-received among Arsenal supporters, who are already questioning Havertz’s suitability for the team and his integration into the dressing room.

Here’s the video that is causing embarrassment for Kai Havertz as well as Arsenal: 

The footage of Havertz’s struggles has added to the existing concerns among Gunners fans regarding his ability to make an impact in the first team. Observers noted Havertz looking forlorn during the unveiling of Declan Rice, which further fueled doubts about his mindset. Additionally, some supporters are skeptical of Mikel Arteta’s decision to deploy Havertz in central midfield, fearing that it may not yield the desired results. The sentiment among fans suggests a growing sense of disappointment and apprehension regarding Havertz’s early performances.

Havertz’s mixed performance at Chelsea, a concern among Arsenal fans

Despite his impressive record of 32 goals in three seasons at Chelsea, Havertz faced criticism for his inconsistency in front of goal last season. Playing mainly as a false nine, he missed several notable chances, leaving Chelsea fans frustrated.

Therefore, the lackluster display in the All-Star challenges did not come as a surprise to some Blues supporters. Arsenal’s decision to acquire him for a substantial fee of £65 million has only amplified the scrutiny, leading to doubts about the wisdom of buying players from rival clubs.

As Arsenal continue their pre-season preparations with upcoming matches against top opponents such as the MLS All-Stars, Barcelona, and Manchester United, the pressure on Havertz to prove his worth will intensify. With the Emirates Cup clash against Monaco and the Community Shield encounter against Manchester City on the horizon, the German midfielder must strive to redeem himself and demonstrate his true potential.

It would be interesting to see how Havertz settles up at Arsenal and if his partnership with ex-Chelsea mate Jorginho bring any trophies to the North London club. 

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