Kartcross: Autocross meets 16,000 RPM motorcycle engine


There are some things that you don’t know you wanted up until you see them. Kartcross is one of those things.

A weird mixture of autocross, karting and high revving motorcycle engines, this Motorsport is the craziest of them all. The idea behind this category is that you get a motorcycle engine and stick it in a small chassis with independent suspensions and a fibreglass body. What it looks like when completed is this.

Big slides, jumps and sounds that resemble a group of angry murder hornets, is what it sounds and looks like. With a high revving motorcycle engine stuck at the back, these machines could destroy any rally track. Have a look for yourself.

Kartcross is one of the most motorsport events to watch and more so do take part in. These Kartcrosses could cost anywhere between $5000 to $20000 depending on the type of engine used and amount of carbon fiber in the body.

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