KFConsole Is Marketing at Its Best


KFC the famous American Fast food chain had announced a console that would also work as a heater for KFC chicken. People thought of it as some sort of joke made to garner attention and paid little heed at that time. On 18th December however, KFC again tweeted about the aforementioned console. We all thought it was just another April fools joke but Mark Walton who is in charge of PR over at Intel confirmed that it was indeed real and it has an intel processor.


It uses an Intel Nuc9 processor with what looks like an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070. It also has a 1TB Seagate SSD. All in all, it has the potential to be a fast device. It would certainly be faster than the PS5 and XBOX consoles out there but is it a console?

This is basically a PC case with Intel Nuc9 and a GeForce 3070. Cooler master is a company that makes cooling cases for PC, partnering with KFC to garner attention for both of these companies is what this is. After months if not years of delays, the KFConsole will finally be launched for $2000. It would be faster than the $500 XBOX and PS5 but cannot come close to a PC assembled at that price.

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