Kiran Bedi Just Went Full WhatsApp Uncle


People often equate education with intelligence only to be proven wrong time and time again. The new example is Kiran Bedi.

In this ever-increasing need to affirm Hinduism through modern science, she has joined a long list of uncles who forward made up facts about Indian culture and values in WhatsApp groups. Be it Indian national anthem being considered the best in the world by UNESCO, or cow urine containing answers to immortality, every one of these WhatsApp forwards does one thing. That is, to confirm that the Indian values and practices are the best and the west approves it too.

To see people with strong academic backgrounds be lured by such nonsense is just sad. Not only has she been an IPS officer in the past but also holds a governer’s office in Pondicherry. This tweet sheds away whatever confidence we had in the people running this country at the moment, which wasn’t much, to begin with.

This is what the sun actually sounds like.

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