Kuwait drafts new immigration law, 8 lakh Indians may have to leave


Kuwait has drafted a new bill under which the Indian population in the country should not exceed 15%. This means that 8 lakh Indians would have to be sent back to India in order to balance the population ratio according to the bill.

A crash in oil prices and the pandemic has pushed the government to take this decision in favour of Kuwaiti people. The most affected would be people from Kerala since a very large population from the state works in Kuwait. Anti-expat rhetoric has been going on among the lawmakers and politicians for quite some time now and the slump in the economy proved to be the last straw.

Kuwait is an unconventional country in terms of its population. 70% of their population is from other countries with Kuwaitis making just 30% of the 4.3 million population. The assembly speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem, said that Kuwait has a problem with population structure. He also said, “I understand that we recruit doctors and skilled manpower and not unskilled labourers. This is an indication that there is a distortion. Visa traders have contributed to increasing this figure.”

It would be very difficult for the Indian government to fit another 8 lakh people into the country with no end in sight for a slumping economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic. India, however, takes pride in giving residence to people from all around the world since ancient times and would certainly welcome the Indians from Kuwait wholeheartedly. Next few months would be very challenging for the country and the government as well.

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