Leclerc will Win the F1 2022 World Championship! Hear me out,


The new season of Formula 1 is finally upon us and it brings with it weekends of fun and speed. Having followed Formula 1 for 5 seasons now, I think I have a decent understanding of the sport. Cars go vroom, fast car wins!

Now that I have proven my great knowledge in the field I am going to make some predictions. The first of which is about the next World Champions. I think the YouTuber and Formula 1 driver from Monaco, Charles Leclerc who drives for a team from Maranello, Italy, would be the World Champion in the 2022 season.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out!

Ferrari have a good car this year

There is no doubt that the Ferrari SF F1-75 along with the Aston Martin AMR22 is the best looking car on the grid.

If this was a beauty pageant Ferrari have already won.

Apart from the looks, however, the Ferrari is also fast this time around. As is evident from the testing, the SF F1-75 is doing quite well in Bahrain. The word on the grid is that Ferrari has one of the best downforce among all cars.

Add to the fact that Ferrari has stayed away from any heating issues despite testing in Bahrain, one of the season’s hottest tracks is also confidence-inspiring. If these signs are anything to go by, Ferrari look like they have a really good car at their hands and it puts them among the potential winners.

Charles Leclerc is Ferrari’s No 1 driver

Charles Leclerc has signed the longest ever Ferrari driver deal at 5 years. That’s more than the likes of Schumacher, Lauda, Fangio, Prost and everyone else. If that is not high praise for a driver then I don’t know what it is.

Although teams won’t accept having a number 1 driver, they certainly do. The Mercedes has Hamilton, Red Bull has Max and Ferrari has Leclerc based on his contract.

While number 1 and Number 2 drivers are both given the same level of backing and support from the team it is in crunch situations that this favouritism becomes apparent. For example, if there is a chance for one driver to finish top if the other blocks another team’s car, guess which driver would be assigned which role. Yes, Carlos Sainz would be the one doing the blocking so Leclerc has a shot at the podium.

There will be many such instances and I believe Leclerc would be given preference over Sainz in those situations. If this is the case, it is more likely that Leclerc would end up with more points than Carlos Sainzin in this Formula 1 2022 season.

And if the Ferrari is as good as it appears in the practice there is a very good chance for Charles Leclerc to be the first champion from Ferrari in a long long time.

The new rule change has levelled the field

The new rule changes in the Formula 1 2022 season has forced teams to drastically change their cars. This has forced teams to throw their years of perfection out of the door and start with a scratch. Teams like Mercedes and Red Bull would be the most affected by these changes as they had, through years of work, finally perfected their cars.

The SF F1-75 is a very good looking car

Both the Mercedes W12 and the RedBull RB 16 were faster than all the other cars on the grid and these new changes will certainly allow other teams to claw back that lead. This new season is an opportunity for, not just Ferrari but other teams as well, to have a shot at the title, because once Red Bull and Mercedes get into their groove it would be very difficult for others to compete with them.

These are some reasons, and mostly wishes, for this new season that could give rise to a new winner. I think Charles Leclerc has a real shot at the title given Ferrari have made a good car this year.

Formula 1 however like any sport is very unpredictable and it could go a whole new way altogether. Leclerc could end up in the bottom half and I could end up looking like a fool but that would be fun too right?

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