Mamata Banarjee Feels Insulted by Jai Shree Ram Chants, Declines the Invitation to Speak


West Bengal is gearing up for the Assembly election and political parties are campaigning to their heart’s content. Stone pelting and riots are on a rise in the state of West Bengal between TMC and BJP supporters due to their opposing ideologies. BJP with their pro-Hindu stance has been a nuisance for the liberal TMC which has caused issues on many occasions in the past.

Many a time Mamata Banerjee has been irked by BJP supporters chanting Jai Shree Ram. There are multiple instances where she stopped her convoy to scold BJP supporters by the side of the road. The ongoing feud between the two reached its peak when she declined the invitation to speak after some people started chanting Jai Shree Ram.

This incident is from a program that was organised to honour the freedom fighter Subah Chandra Bose. As soon as the speakers announced Mamata Banarjee’s name, a large chunk of the crowd started chanting Jai Shree Ram. Mamata Banerjee got on the stage visibly irritated. She said that it was insulting for people to chant Jai Shree Ram in a Government Program. She said as a protest she would not speak at the ceremony. All happened while Narendra Modi sat there watching the incident unfold.

People from different political ideologies are now arguing whether it was a right thing to do by the West Bengal Chief Minister and also calling out people who started chanting the. All this begs the question. What would have a BJP Chief Minister done had people in the crowd started chanting Alla hu Akbar the moment he/ she was invited to speak on stage?

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