Man orders MacBook during Amazon Big Billion Day Sale, receives broken HP Laptop


A shocking incident unfolded during the much-awaited Big Billion Day sale on Amazon when a Delhi resident, who was eager to score a great deal on a MacBook Air M1, fell victim to an online purchase scam.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, had placed an order for an Apple MacBook Air M1 on October 7th, taking advantage of a seemingly irresistible offer that priced the laptop at just 63,000 INR. The order appeared to proceed without any hiccups, raising the victim’s anticipation of receiving their prized purchase.

However, the situation took a nightmarish turn when the delivery person arrived at around 5 PM today. As per the victim’s account, the delivery person requested the OTP, a common verification step, and handed over the package. Unbeknownst to the victim, what lay inside the package was not the coveted MacBook but rather a broken and non-functional HP Pavilion laptop – rendering it nothing more than a paperweight.

The victim, quick on their feet, began recording the unboxing process, capturing the shocking discovery of the misfit product. This incident left the victim in a state of disbelief, as they grappled with the reality of falling victim to a potential scam.

Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, the victim immediately reported the issue to Amazon’s customer support, taking solace in the 14-day replacement warranty that the company offers. In addition to this, the victim also initiated contact with the seller and reached out to Amazon through various emails, support channels, and helplines.

The victim now faces uncertainty regarding their next steps. Questions loom about whether they will receive a replacement for their MacBook Air M1 or a full refund. Furthermore, the victim is anxious about potential extra costs that may arise due to the laptop’s price increase since their initial purchase.

Here’s the victim’s account of the Amazon scam : 

byu/MolassesFuzzy3405 indelhi

Incidents like this raise concerns about the security and authenticity of online purchases, especially during high-profile sales events. Consumers are urged to exercise caution when making online transactions and to verify the authenticity of both the seller and the product they are purchasing.

As this story unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and due diligence in the digital age, where scams and fraudulent activities can catch even the most cautious consumers off guard.

Amazon has yet to provide an official statement on the incident, but it is expected that they will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the source of the fraudulent delivery and rectify the situation for the victim.

How to avoid Amazon, Flipkart scams?

This isn’t a one-off case, as the country gears up for the festive season, scams like these are very common. Both Flipkart and Amazon are known to have cases like these. The best thing to do when receiving a package from an online store is to open it in front of the delivery executive.

Another way you can save yourself from these scams is to record your unboxing video. This way you’ll have the proof of the scam and you can send it to Amazon or Flipkart to get your money back.

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