Mercedes Domination Is Sucking the Life Out of F1 Races


Another F1 race, another Ham-Bot-Ver! This has been an ongoing story of every race now. Mercedes qualify for the first grid, followed by Verstappen and others. Hamilton begins taking lead from the get-go. Fans all around wait for rain or the safety car to be deployed. Commentators announce mathematical chance of rain but it never happens. Hamilton takes a very healthy lead and still moans about the loss of power or loss of grip giving hope for at least a close end but nothing happens.

Typical F1 race:

  • Lap 1: Lights out Ham-Bot-Ver
  • Lap 5: “Bono my tyres are dead”
  • Lap 10: 50-50 chance of rain
  • Lap 25: zzzz
  • Lap 35: No cloud to be seen in the whole country
  • Lap 42: VIBRATIONS
  • Lap 44: “Get in there Lewis”

Ferrari’s incredible downfall has also added to the F1 fans’ woes. What used to be a three-horse race has now been left to Verstappen to make anything out of a boring race. Even he admitted to the race being boring in his post-match interview and rightfully so.

Any hope for excitement in the future?

Many people have suggested for a reverse grid race which is stupid in itself and has been opposed by most drivers including Vettel, Hamilton and Verstappen. The idea of handicapping the best players in order to make the game more interesting and close doesn’t seem right to me.

Reverse F1 grid is like saying since Bolt wins easily in the 100m let him start 2 seconds late. Or let Messi play blindfolded since he scores goals quite easily.

Only other teams can make the sport interesting by rising to the ocassion and improving their cars in the future. 2020 looks set to be a borefest since Mercedes are so far ahead of other teams. The decision to use the same cars for 2021 as well would mean there is very little hope for F1 fans for an exciting Formula 1 championship. We will have to make do with the middle order fight that has become more interesting with Renault, Gasly improving and Ferrari worsening.

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