Messi Tells Barcelona Board He Wants to Leave the Club


What’s turning out to be a huge story, the Barcelona legend and probably the greatest player to play the game, Lionel Messi has requested Barcelona board to let him leave the club. The news has come as a shock to all football fans around the world.

At first, the news seemed like one of those transfer rumours that’s created by websites for clicks, but Puyol’s tweet almost confirmed it. Puyol tweeted, “Respect and admiration, Leo. All my support, friend.” This tweet single-handedly confirms his eventual departure. Later president of the government of Catalonia also tweeted wishing Messi well for his future.

Signs of a Messy Transfer Ahead?

Barcelona board have reportedly told that Messi has a €700M release clause and the “free clause” has expired in June. If the board doesn’t accept Messi’s request for terminating his release clause, that frankly, no club can match, then the whole situation could get very messy. Messi would have to sit for a year in order for the clause to expire and that would be a huge disrespect to arguably the greatest footballer of all time.

Potential Destinations?

PSG and Manchester City look like the frontrunners at the moment. PSG since they have the money and offer a chance for him to rekindle with Neymar, his ex Barcelona teammate. Manchester City are also very likely to sign Messi since Pep is their manager. The whole reason Messi is leaving the club is that he thinks it’s a poorly run club that is performing very badly. He needs an upgrade! That leaves most of the clubs out since very few clubs would be an upgrade over even an out of form Barcelona.

Whatever the outcome be, it sure as hell is incredibly interesting to watch. I cannot wait for Messi and De Bruyne creating hundreds of chances for Sterling to miss.

All those questions about Messi doing it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke would finally be answered!

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