Modi Appeals to Farmers. Through an English Newspaper!


The newly passed farm bill has been a topic of conflict among different parties and sections of our society for the past couple of days. The BJP labels it as a progressive and pro-farmer bill whereas the opposition thinks it gives the power to the sponsors and big companies rather than the farmers. While the pro and cons are debatable, it is the PR management behind the issue that caught my eye.

Reportedly BJP has put an ad in an English newspaper in Delhi that says, “Farmers, beware of lies. Farm bill paves way for prosperity”. It’s a full-page ad that shows two columns one of ‘lies’ and the other ‘truth’. The columns list what the lies are being propagated and what the actual truth is. At the bottom, there are two farmers sitting in a field and chatting. Most probably not in Delhi and certainly not in English.

This tone-deaf decision begs the question, who are BJP really looking to persuade with this ad? Is it the farmers who don’t necessarily live in Delhi and certainly do not speak English? Or is it for BJP’s voter base- the middle class that lives in Urban areas? Logic says its the latter.

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