Mourinho Loses the Game, Mourinho Moans About It


Nobody who likes football could possibly hate Jose Mourinho! Well of course if he’s your coach and it’s his third season at the club then you can but no one else. He is such a character of the game. Whichever league his team plays in, he makes sure everyone – coaches, referees, club owners, fans, everyone’s riled up. He isn’t your typical loudmouth coach either with nothing to show for his claims. He would often shithouse his way to the trophy.

Liverpool Vs Tottenham was a typical Mourinho game in the sense that it was tense in its build-up, tactically counter-attacking on the pitch and filled with Mourinho-esque controversy post-game. Both teams played a really good game of football far better than the drab Chelsea- United or Man United – City games of this year. Both teams were equal throughout the game until the very last minute when a towering Firmino headed past Lloris to give Liverpool all 3 points.

Mourinho certainly did not like it as Tottenham were actually very good throughout the game and deserved at least a point at Anfield. His annoyance at Klopp’s antics was on full display in the post-match interview. He said if he behaved like Klopp on the touchline he would not be there and that is why he’s different. Watch for yourself.

This isn’t the first time he has said the words, “The best team lost”. It has become somewhat of a lame excuse for not-just-Mourinho but most coaches when they have a good game and lose. But that’s what football is all about. A win is not the certainty after having a good game, and who would know better than these managers.

It always reminds me of that 2014 Sam Allardyce interview after a Chelsea- West Ham 0-0

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