Mushfiqur Rahim Loses His Cool – This Video Doesn’t Need Photoshopping


We all have seen poorly photoshopped cricket thumbnails on YouTube that show players fighting with each other with knives and guns in their hands. I have recently written about it in another blog. This new incident however doesn’t need photoshopping as it’s shocking without it. In a Bangladesh Premier League match, Mushfiquer Rahim could be seen losing his cool at the slip fielder and almost hitting him for causing an obstruction. He did not actually hit him but he almost threw a punch before coming to his senses and pulling back.

Cricket used to be a gentlemen’s game but with the advent of the T20 league around the world, we’re seeing more of these “fights” as YouTube would say. Of course, there is nothing with showing a bit of aggression on the field as long as players keep it under the limit. This instance almost crossed it. Watch for yourself.

It looks like he pulled the senior card and the other guy had no option but to smile and be awkward for a while. INterestingly Rahim dropped a similar catch in the Asia Cup that ended costing Bangladesh a famous win.

Should he be banned?

The online community is divided on the issue but most think this deserves a ban. Mushfiq and Shakib have a problem of getting too emotional over a cricket match and it’s constantly making Bangladesh look bad. Remember Mushfiq’s premature celebration vs India? Or that of Shakib’s against Sri Lanka? I think he should be banned for a few games as monetary fines don’t mean much to these players.


“Mushfiqur Rahim has been fined 25% of his match fee for misbehaving on the field. ”

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