Nitish Kumar Is Just Lalu Yadav 2.0


Bihar, the land of Ashoka and Buddha has been mismanaged into this poor imitation of the past.

The current chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, when asked by the reporters about waterlogging in Patna, said that “why is there all the attention on “few colonies” in Patna when there is a flood in the US as well as in Mumbai?”

He said this after Crores were spent on drainage cleaning work before and after the 2019 floods in Patna. The government was embarrassed in front of the world media and spent crores again to clean the drainage system and vowed to get rid of this problem. The 2020 monsoon came and the city was Venice again.

This is the story of every sector in Bihar. Things are bad, money is thrown at the problem, then things become worse! Just a couple of days ago, an approach bridge to the main road in Gopalganj gave way to the river beneath it. To which, a minister from the ruling party said that these things are common in the monsoon.

The corruption is an ongoing cycle in Bihar with few families pulling strings from every side. Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav, Sushil Kumar Modi and Ram Bilas Paswan, these four people run the whole of Bihar with people chosen by them sitting at the top of every sector, be it construction, health, education etc. The power is never with the general public, it just changes hand from one to the other among these four.

Lalu’s family ruled the state for about 15 years in which kidnapping, extortion, scams, murder were normalised. The current regime calls it the “Jungle Raj” and insists that it’s over. Data, however, tells a very different story.

The below data is taken from National Crime Records Beureu. You can check the whole data by clicking here.

crime data Bihar
1st for voluntary causing hurt. Almost double that of second-placed state.

Bihar is not the state with a dark past that got saved by the current government. It still lingers in that very dark past that Nitish Kumar so proudly announces to have gotten rid of. Murder, Kidnapping, dispute, nothing has gotten better in the state relative to the whole of India. It still stands at the very bottom of the Human Development Index in the country.

Bihar’s literacy rate of 63.82 is the lowest in India. 58% of the winning candidates in the last election have criminal cases against them. Bihar performs worst on every benchmark and yet Nitish Kumar claims to have Sushasan Raj in Bihar.

Joseph de Maistre, the European philosopher once said, “In a democracy, people end up with the leaders that they deserve.”

This is true for Bihar as well. A population that can be fooled so easily is destined to have these kinds of leaders. Bihar has a large number of OBC population, 56% to be precise, and a 16% Muslim population. Since election to this day is fought on communal lines, a politician from the OBC category has no difficulty in winning. The two biggest leaders from this category are Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. One ruled for 15 years and next is destined to rule for another 15 years if not more. There is no competition in the state which means there is no need for any winning candidate to do their job.

High crime rate means a higher barrier of entry for new candidates. People who are educated and have any chance to migrate from the state choose to do so since there is a lack of opportunities in the state. The development is so non-existent that even a small new road anywhere in the state is hyped up to the moon. Having never seen what an actual development looks like, the majority of the population is impressed by anything.

Nitish Kumar is no different from Lalu Prasad Yadav and the current government is no better than the Jungle Raj. Having lived in Bihar and having seen everything that goes on in this state, I can confidently say that nothing is going to change if there is no competition from other parties apart from JDU, RJD, BJP and LJP. These are rotten to the core.

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