No, Dua Lipa is not going to perform at 2023 Cricket World Cup Final in Ahmedabad


The internet is ablaze with speculation as a viral video featuring global pop sensation Dua Lipa has ignited rumors of her potential performance at the closing ceremony of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 in Ahmedabad.

In the video, which has been widely shared across social media platforms, Dua Lipa is seen engaging in a light-hearted exchange with cricketer Shubman Gill. Gill poses the question, “What song would you choose to sing if you were performing at the opening and closing ceremony of the World Cup?” The singer, known for hits like “Physical” and “One Kiss,” playfully responds, “Because it is a sports event, I feel I have to sing ‘Physical.’ I think it’s just fitting. ‘One Kiss’ always seems to go down well at matches. Probably my new songs.”

Here’s the viral video:

This snippet has sent fans and cricket enthusiasts into a frenzy, with many interpreting Dua Lipa’s response as a hint at her involvement in the highly anticipated World Cup 2023 closing ceremony. Despite the buzz surrounding the video, it is essential to note that no official confirmation has been made by either Dua Lipa’s team or the ICC organizers regarding her participation.

It’s just speculation with no basis in truth 

The speculation has taken the internet by storm, with fans and media outlets eagerly awaiting an official statement to either validate or dismiss the rumors. The keywords “Dua Lipa World Cup final” have become a trending topic on various online platforms, showcasing the intense excitement and anticipation surrounding the possibility of the pop sensation gracing the stage at the cricketing extravaganza.

As the speculation continues to circulate, it is crucial for fans and media alike to approach the news with caution until an official announcement is made. In the era of social media, where rumors can quickly gain traction, it is advisable to rely on verified information from credible sources.

The closing ceremony of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 promises to be a spectacular event, and whether Dua Lipa will be a part of the celebration is a question that remains unanswered for now. As the world awaits an official confirmation, the online discourse around Dua Lipa performing at the Cricket World Cup final intensifies, adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming cricket spectacle.

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