No, We’re Not Getting a Vaccine on 15th August


Coronavirus cases in India are at 6,97,836 at the moment trailing USA and Brazil for the most number of cases. The government is stuck like a deer in headlights, finding nowhere to go.

Modi said the fight with coronavirus will end in 21 days but it has been months since his address and the cases are still on a rise. Announcing outrageous claims that are nowhere close to the finished product has been the trend for this government and so is the case with coronavirus.

Baba Ramdev

If you want to know how businessmen get filthy rich you just have to look at the companies trying to profit off of this pandemic. With Patanjali and other unknown companies trying to sell fake medicines for the virus, it seems like just another day for these businesses. Mild cases of coronavirus are cured on its own, there is no medicine required for most people in the age groups 15-60. Coronil claimed to cure just those people will mild symptoms.

You must have heard an idiom in Hindi, “Bahati Ganga me hath dhona”. This is what Ramdev, Patanjali and a bunch of other companies are doing.

There is one Bharat Biotech International Ltd that claims to get a vaccine ready by 15th August. The vaccine is named Covaxin.

Bharat, 15th August, Covaxin! Does it ring any bells?

As long as the vaccine is not made, this all seems to be a PR stunt for hyping up their ineffective product. Medicines are named by their chemical components. Paracetamol has a chemical name N-acetyl-para-aminophenol, it’s not called Fevermed or something, because medicines are not named that way. Coronil, Covaxin, Coronagone, Covidless all these names look like products rather than medicines or vaccines. And they need to be named that way because they are ineffective. An effective coronavirus vaccine could be given the most stupid name in the world, like Elon Musk’s child and it will still go on to become the most sold vaccine in the history of vaccines.

And what’s with that date! If they manage to get it completed by 13th August, will the company wait two more days to launch it? Will the company let 50,000 more people get infected? No! 15 August or Independence Day is an important day for the country and if the vaccine claiming to cure Covid-19 made by a company called “Bharat” Biotech is launched on that day, it will sell more than liquor on May 4th. Even if the vaccine is found to be ineffective it will have made Crores in a week.
Pharma companies realising that they can easily fool Indian people in the name of nationalism and get easy money

The trials for a vaccine takes years, anything launched early would be a rushed job with many side effects and inefficiency. There is very less hope for the medicine to be launched this year since it’s not practically possible.

Any company hyping up their medication or vaccine is just using the situation to get rich. Don’t throw your hard-earned money on something that is nothing but a scam, that too in a slumping economy. Wait for effective medicine to be launched. When it does you WILL know!

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