Premier League goals by defenders are even better than the strikers


The Premier League 2022 season is currently in its final stages with City and Liverpool both going neck and neck for the coveted prize. Through the years, the Premier League has become the best league in world football surpassing the likes of Laliga, Seria A, Bundesliga and others.

The Premier League is considered the best league in world football due to a number of reasons. For starters, it is the most followed league in the world with an average viewership of 643 million per game. It is also the league that hosts the most successful teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham etc.

Currently, most of the best players like De Bruyne, Salah, Kante, Van Djik, Havertz, Kane, Ronaldo, Alison and many others play in the Premier League.

It is also the one that pays best. These are just a few reasons why Premier League is considered the best league in the world. Understandably it should be expected that Premier League produces the best football out of all major leagues around the world, and it does. Just look at some of the goals scored by Defenders in the Premier League to get an idea of the quality of the league.

What do defenders do in football?

As the name suggests, defenders defend their goal post from the opposition players by not allowing them to score a goal. Defenders occupy the last line of a football lineup with attackers at the front and midfielders in middle. Attackers are tasked with attacking other teams’ goal post and midfielders try to create opportunities for the attackers to score goals by passing the ball into the opposition half.

These are only their primary objectives. Sure anyone can go ahead and score a goal if they can. The above video shows defenders scoring goals.

Who is the best defender in football?

Currently, Rubes Dias from Manchester City is the UEFA Best Defender of the year for 2020-21. Thiago Silva was awarded the best defender in the Fifa Club World Cup 2021. Other defenders like Virgil Van Djik from Liverpool could also be considered the best defender at the moment as he is playing really well for more than 3 years.

When it comes to all-time greatest football defenders, names like Beckenbauer, Maldini, Vidic, Puyol, Terry, Cafu, Lahm, Moore, and Ramos are some of the names that should be taken with great respect.

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