PSG add another to their long list of bottle jobs


PSG have been dumped by Real Madrid with their dream of winning the Champions League shattered again. Again because this is not the first time they have given up a healthy lead or rather, this isn’t the first time that a game has been snatched from them.

It happened against Barcelona, it happened and even Manchester United managed to beat them. This defeat is but another entry into the long series of games that PSG continues to throw away despite having quality all over the pitch.

What’s wrong with PSG?

PSG’s problems can be credited to the huge amounts of egos present in the dressing room. It is not a team but a collection of football superstars and as England’s national team showed in the 2010s, they don’t gel well.

Another reason for their weak mentality is the culture of football in Paris. You see Paris hasn’t had the same culture of football as Marseille for example. It has always inclined more towards fashion and art which is great for the economy and enrichment of the culture but adds no value to football.

This is why despite spending lots and lots of money on PSG, they are yet to become a club with a winning mentality. They keep on stumbling at the first sight of a culturally superior team with a huge winning mentality.

Personally, I see no change in this in the foreseeable future now more so given that Mbappe would leave next year and so would Messi. Even Halland would now be having second thoughts about joining this club as joining them would mean lots of money but also misery.

PSG at this point is more of a fashion brand than a football team and the less said about their ownership the better.

Should Qatar Sports Investments have gone for Olympic Marseille?

Many football fans primarily from France claim that the QSI should have invested in Olympic Marseille instead of PSG. Olympique de Marseille the French club founded 71 years before PSG has a great culture of football, something that has also won them the Champions League in 1992!

But, the Qatari owners chose PSG and primarily Paris because it’s the capital and offers much more potential for global growth. I cannot but wonder what would have been if they bought OM instead of PSG as Marseille were very good from 2010 to 2012 as well when Qatar bought PSG.

Can PSG win the Champions League?

Yes, any team can win the Champions League, however, with each season their motivation is getting massively depleted. With every defeat in the Champions League, the symbolic mountain grows taller.

Based on the kind of defeats, it seems like their mentality is already weak and it’s very difficult to strengthen it with money. If PSG don’t win the Champions League with the highest-paid footballer ever, in Neymar, it would also put a massive dent in other footballers’ confidence. They would not see PSG as the ultimate destination and would turn their gaze towards the Premier League or Laliga.

Personally, I love defeats like these. It shows that there is still much more to football than just money.

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