Quite cryptic! Zimbabwe player’s picture after Pakistan win has an Indian connection


The T20 World Cup started with a huge upset in the very first match after Namibia defeated the Aisa Cup 2022 winner, Sri Lanka. The two times World Cup winners West Indies were then thrown out of the mega event by Ireland following which they also defeated England in the Super 12.

Now another huge upset has been added to the long list with Zimbabwe beating Pakistan in their Group 2 clash. The team that looked like a default spanking bang for all in Group 2 has thrown a solid punch back and Pakistan could be all out of the T20 World Cup as a result of it.

Following their huge win over Pakistan, all players, fans, and staff have been ecstatic. There are multiple videos and pictures that show celebrations of Zimbabwe fans back home as well as in Australia. One celebratory image however that is a little cryptic was posted on Twitter by Zimbabwe players Ryan Burl. In the image posted right after their win at Perth, Burl could be seen standing with fellow Zimbabwe player Brad Evans.

It is however what’s in their hands that is the sole focus of many on social media. The two Zimbabwe players are seen holding a bottle of Indian craft beer, Bira! Not just that but Burl makes sure that the ‘Indian Pale Ale’ is properly visible on camera.

The post has since then gained massive attention and had gotten more than 110k likes on Twitter. Many in replay also ask about the beer and if they like it.

Zimbabwe’s win has thrown open the Group 2 qualifications with Pakistan now sitting at 5th with zero points from their two matches so far. India is meanwhile at top of the group with 4 points in 2 matches. Zimbabwe have moved to 3rd with 3 points from 2 matches.

Back-to-back losses, first from India and then from Zimbabwe has put Pakistan in a very tough situation and the Asia Cup 2022 finalists could be out of the World Cup if they lose a game again.

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