Rain Brings Death and Destruction in Karachi


Intense rain has created havoc in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. At least 18 people have been reported dead and unnumerable injured. The poor drainage system and heavy rainfall have combined to give the people a major challenge to recover from. The video being shared on social media are frightening to look at.

In one instance a plane could be seen landing in knee-deep water at the Karachi airport. There are multiple reports of vehicles hit by lightening. Divers from the Pakistan Navy emergency response team has been called upon for help. Most of the deaths that have been reported are due to electrocution.

SOS warning was issued on Tuesday itself when heavy rains first started. The situation has been worsened as the rain kept on falling on Thursday as well. Imraan Khan held a meeting with top officials and said, “we will not abandon people of Karachi in their time of crisis”. People are angry at the government and rightly so, but those people are the ones who have chosen them. Finger-pointing during every such events is a common theme among people from India as well as Pakistan but neither uses their voting rights to choose better leaders, rising above communal lines.

The usual occurrence of untimely rains in recent past points to the onset of climate change. Underdevelopment and high population in countries like India and Pakistan offer a huge potential of catastrophe in recent future if something substantial is not done soon. Just a few weeks ago, Gurgaon and Patna were drowned in just a couple of days due to rain. Flooding in these areas happen every year but still, no attention is given to the problem at hand.

#Prayforkarachi is trending on twitter as people call for help.

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