Ranking the Best Looking Bajaj motorcycle of all time


Bajaj has been one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the country for a while now. Credited with popularising sports motorcycles with Pulsar, Bajaj has come leaps and bounds from the days of its inception. Having ridden motorcycles for the better part of two decades, I have seen many motorcycles come and go- some boring, some ugly but there have been some that are very good looking as well. Bajaj for example had set precedent for making good looking motorcycles with the Pulsar way back in 2001. It is one brand that has balanced good looks as well as price. Let’s look at some of Bajaj’s best-looking motorcycles throughout the years.

Pulsar 200/ 180 DTSi

I was a kid when Bajaj launched the OG Pulsar way back in 2001. By 2007 it had become the go-to sports motorcycle in the country. The youth had gone mental for the Pulsar due to their looks but also because we did not have anything like this in our market. Bajaj was however readying itself to raise the bar even higher when in 2006 it showed the Pulsar 220Fi at Auto Expo. The new Pulsar 220 Fi with its semi fairing, projector headlamps and silver exhaust sent motorcycle enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Bajaj however also launched the Pulsar 200 with it. A motorcycle that to me, still stands as the best looking Pulsar ever created. While the Pulsar 150 had started to look small as compared to the newly launched Pulsar 220Fi, the latter also looked stubby at front. It was the Pulsar 200 that looked like a proper streetfighter. It was a perfect combination of performance and looks. The Pulsar 200 is the OG streetfighter made by an Indian company.

Features like the split seat, clip-on handlebars, silver exhaust, rear set footpegs, the twin grab rail that had no other purpose than to look cool and many such changes made the Pulsar 200 DTSI the best looking Bajaj motorcycle ever made.

Pulsar 200 NS

I won’t lie, I am slightly biased because this was my first motorcycle. Launched way back in 2012, the Pulsar 200NS was a huge step up for Bajaj in terms of looks and power figures. Based on the KTM Duke 200, the NS 200 looked really sharp for its time (it still does).

Features like underbelly exhaust, rear mono-shock suspension, perimeter frame, nitrox suspension etc, there were many first for Bajaj. This motorcycle was an instant hit amongst youth.

The silhouette of Pulsar NS 200 was unlike anything on the Indian roads at the point. The fact that it was also powerful was also a huge factor in its success but much credit goes to how it looked. Bajaj could still launch it today with updated LED lights and minor changes but the company for some reason has a thing for white alloy wheels so here we are stuck in this endless loop of graphic updates every few years.

Pulsar 220Fi

Pulsar 220Fi is probably the most distinct and famous Indian motorcycle. Its headlight is particularly different from all the other motorcycles before it. Even to this day, there are very few that offers the same level of complexity and beauty in their headlight design.

Pulsar 220FI was such as bestseller that replacing it seemed like a financial suicide for Bajaj. This is why while every other company was moving to bigger cc motorcycles, Bajaj could not. Launching a bigger Pulsar meant snatching sales from Pulsar 220FI and making customers angry in the process.

Despite having been launched way back in 2009, the Pulsar 220 still holds its own among the new crop of motorcycles, all thanks to its looks. If the Pulsar 220FI was relaunched with a bigger engine and better build quality, it would sell more than the newer N250 and F250 for sure! That is how good a Pulsar 220FI is

Dominar 400

When I attended the launch of Bajaj Dominar 400 way back in 2014, I thought it would sell in huge numbers. Sadly for Bajaj, the Dominar hasn’t been the success they’d hope for. Don’t get me wrong, it still sells in good numbers and is quite popular among tourers who ride fast but does not enjoy the same kind of fame among other groups.

On the looks front, however, it does appear handsome. Until the launch of Pulsar 250, it was the only motorcycle with LED headlights in Bajaj’s lineup. It is also their biggest motorcycle to date. Based on the KTM Duke 390’s 373.2CC engine, the Dominar is quite powerful too. It actually has one of the best price to power ratio of any motorcycle.

Bajaj tried to do something different and though they did not change the whole course of motorcycling industry they certainly learnt a thing or two with the DOminar 400 and that is always a win in my book.

Pulsar F250

I am not a big fan of the new Pulsar 250 twins. I have not ridden it yet so cannot comment on their riding but as far as looks are considered, they do not do much for me. This is mostly because our expectations with the next Pulsar were very high and Pulsar 250 does not meet those expectations.

This is still however decent looking motorcycle and I think these will age better as they don’t have many cuts and angles that age very poorly. The new Pulsar N250 and the F250 are certainly not the best looking Pulsars out there.

So what do you think is the best looking Bajaj motorcycles currently on sale today? Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know in the comments below!

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