Ravi Kishan Is Fed up With the Vulgarity in Bhojpuri Cinema, Something That He Helped Create


Vulgarity runs too deep in the Bhojpuri film industry. Of course, there are other aspects to the industry but if one word could justify the whole industry, it is vulgar. Songs, movie posters all are riddled with vulgar lyrics, dialogues, and the movie in its entirety. The culture shift has so been so rampant and swift that it has now become the norm in the state of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These vulgar songs are played in schools, religious festivals, marriages and almost everywhere now. Little kids with no knowledge of sex get their first introduction to it through these songs and movies. No wonder we have a rape taking place every 6 hours in Bihar.

These movies have even ruined Bihar’s image nationally as Bihari students keep on getting mocked for the vulgarity in their culture. The government does not do anything because it gets them a lot of money. Since alcohol is banned they cannot lose another cash cow for the economy. Any complaint about the vulgar Bhojpuri industry falls on deaf ears as is the case with everything in Bihar.

Enter Ravi Kishan

It came as a surprise when Ravi Kishan called for curbing vulgarity in Bhojpuri movies, mostly because he was the one doing it in the first place. Look at the images below. These are just a few of his movies and songs filled with vulgarity that he now wants to put a curb on.

Ravi Kishan has been among the most well know stars of the Bhojpuri movie industry and he has made more of the money from the same vulgarity that he now seems to be against. He has written to the Union Minister Prakash Javedkar and the UP CM Yogi Adityanath asking them to put a curb on vulgar content in Bhojpuri Cinema.

Why not do it yourself?

Ravi Kishan who has been an integral part of the Bhojpuri Cinema essentially sees the amount of vulgar content in the industry and its effect on the people of the state. He could well change the course of the industry by making good films with the help of his friends in the industry but will not do so. Instead, he would virtue signal about change!

He wants the UP CM and the Union Minister to put curbs on vulgar content. Because if our government has taught us anything in the last decade it is to ban everything that becomes a problem. Understanding the root cause and changing that seems too much of a task and who wants to do that, right?

Honestly, I would be happy if there are curbs imposed on the Bhojpuri Cinema because it has gone way out of hand in the last decade. Imagine the creative potential in the industry that is getting suppressed due to its focus only on money. We could create far better movies if directors, actors and producers focussed on anything other than the money. Ravi Kishan has been a cause of this problem but at least he sees his mistakes now and wants change. Wonder what Pawan Singh, Khesari Lal and others think of the issue.

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