A Reddit User Discovers That His Grandpa Was a Russian Spy


Reddit is a weird place, it could be a force of good for helping people around the world and sometimes be responsible for ruining people’s lives as well. The next story is another part of Reddit’s weirdity.

r/whatisthisthing is a subreddit where people post about anything that they couldn’t identify and the other users try to figure out what it actually is. On 28th January 2020 a user by the name u/Im-A-Sacred-Child posted a picture of a medal that was glued inside of a book and asked the other users what it was.

Well, it turns out, it is a Soviet military award for long service awarded to deserving members of the military personnel of the armed forces of the USSR. This medal is given for impeccable service and since there was XV printed at the bottom, it’s likely that the medal was given for his 15 years of service.

His grandfather was most probably a Russian spy working for the KGB (Russian Committee for State Security) and joined the US Navy constructing Nuclear Submarines. From the OP’s comments, he seems in denial of his grandfather’s work and that is understandable. This is too much to handle for a US family given how tense the relationship between Russia and their country has been for centuries. For others, however, this is a very interesting find, and watching this unfurl straight in front of you is nothing sort of amazing.

This post could also be someone trolling. You’d be amazed to see how far people go to create make-believe stories in order to get people chasing imaginary characters.

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