Royal Enfield Is Testing the Classic 350 With Tripper Navigation


Launching a motorcycle every 4 months seemed like quite an audacious task for Royal Enfield at the beginning. However as we see more and more Royal Enfield motorcycles being tested, the claim now seems achievable. Royal Enfield has already launched the Meteor 350, and the Himalayan. With Cruiser 650, Interceptor 350, Hunter and CLassic 350 being tested around the country, Royal Enfield could certainly launch 20 motorcycles in the next 5 years.

In the long string of Royal Enfield motorcycles spied being tested on Indian roads, comes the exclusive pictures of their most popular motorcycle, the new Classic 350.

What’s new?

The most notable feature of the Classic 350 would be the powerplant. It now features the newly developed 350CC engine that powers the Meteor 350. The new engine built on the J PLatform is efficient and smoother than the outgoing engine. Although it has about the same power figures as the older engine (20.4 vs 19.3), it’s the refinement that makes a huge difference.

Credits: Rushlane

It also has the Tripper Navigation, the turn by turn system designed by Royal Enfield. It was first launched with the Meteor 350 and later was added to the Himalayan. The Tripper Navigation would be central to all Royal Enfield’s motorcycles in the coming years.

The new Classic 350 also seems to have a new exhaust system that would make the bike sound better. It would certainly not try to alter the sound as that is the USP of the Classic 350. As is the tradition with motorcycle launches these days, the Classic 350 would also come with new colours like the recently launched Himalayan.


The older Classic 350 costs Rs 1.62 Lakh and the new one would command a slight premier over than for the addition of Tripper Navigation and a new engine. The price of the new Classic 350 could be around Rs 1.72 Lakhs. As for the launch date is concerned, it cannot be projected as there are a lot of Royal Enfield motorcycles getting tested and it’s unknown which comes first in the launch cycle.

Picture Credits: RushLane

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