Royal Enfield launches a Frankenstein motorcycle in Scram 411


Royal Enfield has today launched the Himalayan Scram 411 at a price of Rs 2.03 lakh ex-showroom. This motorcycle was getting spied being tested for a very long time now. It has launched under Royal ENfiedl’s promise to launch 20 motorcycles in 5 years.

What is Himalayan Scram 411?

The Himalayan Scram 411 is a Himalayan dressed as a scrambler. It is a mish-mash of other Royal Enfield motorcycles, aimed at capturing the slowly growing market of scrambles in India.

This motorcycle for example has a chassis, engine, tanks, lights and most parts from a Himalayan and it has an instrument console from a Meteor 350. It also does away with the windshield from Himalayan and the rear luggage rack from it as well.

The split seat has also been given a miss and on its place is a single seat with the same silhouette. The biggest change however is the decrease in the size of front tyres. In Himalayan, the front tyre used is 21 inches whereas in Scram 411 the size of the front tyre is 19 inches. The rest of the motorcycle is exactly the same as a Himalayan.

What’s the specification of Scarm 411?

The Scram 411 comes with the same engine and gearbox from the Himalayan. It is a 411cc unit that produces 24.3 bhp at 6500rpm and 32nm at 4500rpm. The stopping power is taken care of by 300mm front and 240mm rear disks. It also has dual-channel ABS which is not switchable.

The Himalayan Scram 411 weighs in at 183.5 kgs some 6.5 kgs lighter than Himalayan due to all the parts that it sheds.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a motorcycle that you can cruise on for longer distances then no. This motorcycle does not have wind protection and is quite unstable at higher speeds as well. If you’re looking for a city commuter then the Yezdi Scrambler would be a better choice as it looks proper scrambler which to me is an important point of a scrambler.

If you just want a big motorcycle to ride in the city then you can go for the Classic 350 as well. The Royal Enfield Scarm 411 is a confusing motorcycle that does not justify its existence to me. I would rather go for the OG Himalayan.

The Himalayan Scram 411 is priced at Rs 2.03 lakh ex-showroom which is some Rs 11k cheaper than the Himalayan. With the extra 11k however you get wind protection, a better ride due to a bigger front tyre, a more stable motorcycle and the ability to carry more luggage.

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