Royal Enfield showcases its first ever EV prototype Him-E


Royal Enfield, renowned for its classic and rugged motorcycles, has taken a groundbreaking leap into the realm of electric vehicles with the unveiling of its first-ever electric motorcycle, the Him-E, at the prestigious EICMA 2023. Breaking away from expectations, Royal Enfield chose the adventure-focused Himalayan as the platform to showcase its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions, shifting the spotlight away from the anticipated Classic 350 EV. The Him-E serves as a testament to the brand’s determination to lead the charge towards a cleaner and greener future in the realm of adventure touring and exploration.

Unveiled in prototype form, the Him-E represents more than just a conceptual exercise for Royal Enfield. Described as a ‘test laboratory,’ the all-electric Himalayan embodies the company’s resolute dedication to promoting eco-conscious transportation without compromising the thrill and excitement that comes with the open road. With a mesmerizing clip showcasing the Him-E conquering challenging terrains in the Himalayas, the motorcycle’s near-silent performance echoes its eco-friendly nature.

Royal Enfield Him-E

Royal Enfield Him-E
Royal Enfield Him-E

While detailed specifications are yet to be disclosed, Royal Enfield has highlighted some key design elements that underscore the Him-E’s pioneering approach. The in-house-designed battery box not only serves as a structural backbone but also signifies the brand’s commitment to innovative engineering solutions. Utilizing organic flax fiber for the tank structure not only reduces weight but also highlights Royal Enfield’s dedication to sustainable material choices. Furthermore, the motorcycle’s unique design elements, including the round LED-incorporated headlight and all-terrain tires mounted on large spoked wheels, emphasize its capabilities for off-road adventures.

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Speaking about the Him-E project, Chief Growth Officer – EV at Royal Enfield, Mario Alvisi, expressed, “The Electric Himalayan Testbed is much more than a design concept. For us, this is our vision and a glimpse of what to expect from us in the future.” This sentiment reflects the brand’s holistic vision for electric mobility and its commitment to diversifying the motorcycling experience.

Although the exact positioning of the all-electric Himalayan within Royal Enfield’s product portfolio remains uncertain, enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of a production version of the Him-E in 2025. Notably, the brand’s strategic acquisition of a 10.35% equity stake in electric mobility firm Stark Future suggests a collaborative effort to infuse cutting-edge technology into the Him-E, further enhancing its capabilities and performance.

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