Royal Enfield Squeezes in the Tripper Navigation With the New Himalayan


Royal Enfield Himalayan has been refreshed with Tripper Navigation, a new beak, better seat compound and a bigger luggage rack. All these additions make 2021 Himalayan even better for long-distance touring. It has the same utilitarian looks than before, something that has grown on me now. While it never looked aesthetically pleasing, there was always a common theme throughout the motorcycle- that it was purposeful and rugged. While the new additions have confined to the old theme, something in the dash feels off.

Royal Enfield has to even broaden the windshield in order to include the Tripper Navigation

The new Himalayan 2021 images show the Tripper Navigations just tacked by the side of the old dash. There have been no changes made to look like it fit with the Himalayan instead the guys at Royal Enfield took the Tripper Navigation straight from the Meteor 350 and stuck it by the side of the Himalayan’s dash. Not even the casing around the meter has been made to look like the other meters. Look how the chrome stripe around all the other meters have 4 indents at every 4 sides while the Tripper Navigation is just the circular chrome stripe straight from the Meteor 350.

Something is better than nothing though and this something is certainly a lot useful than having to stick your costly phone onto the handlebars. I just wished the Tripper Navigation was better implemented with the Royal Enfield Himalayan’s dash and did not stick out like a sore thumb.

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