Royal Enfield starts prebooking of Himalayan 450 without revealing prices, gets fans angry


Royal Enfield’s unveiling of the Himalayan 450 at the EICMA show in Milan on November 7th has set the motorcycle world abuzz with excitement. Boasting a slew of upgrades from its predecessor, the Himalayan 411, the new model promises a more robust performance with a larger engine generating a formidable 40HP compared to the previous 24. Enhanced features include LED lighting, a digital display, upside-down SHOWA forks, increased suspension travel, a liquid-cooled engine, and a larger fuel tank, making it a marked improvement in every aspect.

Despite the fervor surrounding its impressive specifications and aesthetic appeal, Royal Enfield’s strategic move to withhold the price during the launch has triggered a wave of dissatisfaction among enthusiasts. The decision to initiate pre-bookings without disclosing the price, requiring a down payment of Rs. 10,000, has stirred controversy. Many believe that this marketing tactic implies a pricing strategy contingent on the volume of pre-bookings, raising suspicions that Royal Enfield might set the price based on the response garnered.

Should have adhered to transparency say motorcycle enthusiasts 

This ambiguity has sparked resentment among Royal Enfield fans and motorcycle aficionados, who deem the approach as unethical and manipulative. Critics argue that Royal Enfield should have adhered to transparency by revealing the price outright, without resorting to speculative ploys. Concerns have been raised about the potential exploitation of consumer interest, with the fear that the pricing might be inflated if the pre-bookings exceed expectations or, conversely, reduced if the response is lackluster.

The brand’s failure to establish a clear and upfront pricing structure has triggered a sense of disillusionment, tarnishing the anticipation that initially surrounded the launch. The absence of transparency in pricing has underscored the importance of ethical marketing practices and fair consumer treatment, prompting calls for greater accountability and integrity in the industry. Enthusiasts and customers alike emphasize the significance of fostering trust and transparency to maintain a strong and loyal consumer base, which could be compromised by such questionable tactics.

With a growing sense of disillusionment, the onus now falls on Royal Enfield to address the concerns and restore the trust of its customer base by adopting a more transparent and customer-centric approach. As the motorcycle community closely monitors the developments, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Royal Enfield’s next steps and the measures it takes to rebuild its relationship with its valued customers.

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