Seat Wars: Handbags asserting dominance in Namma Metro – A request to women travellers


The daily hustle and bustle of Bangalore often finds us relying on the efficient and convenient Namma Metro for our commuting needs. While this mode of transport has made our lives more accessible, there’s an emerging concern that requires our collective attention – the need for courtesy and mindfulness, particularly among women passengers.

It has come to notice that many women, despite the availability of a dedicated women’s only coach, choose to occupy seats in the general coach. This unintentionally disrupts the intended balance of the system and could impact the overall experience for all passengers. Additionally, the practice of “womenspreading” – where handbags are placed on adjacent seats – has become a topic of conversation among commuters.

The purpose of the women’s only coach is to provide a safe and comfortable space for female passengers. It’s a commendable initiative that acknowledges and addresses the unique needs of women during their commute. Therefore, I’d like to appeal to all women travelers to consider using the women’s only coach whenever possible. By doing so, not only are you availing the benefits provided for your comfort and security, but you are also contributing to a smoother, more organised travel experience for all.

Womenspreading taking its toll on male travellers

Moreover, the issue of “womenspreading” is one that affects the overall availability of seating for everyone. Blocking seats with handbags unintentionally limits the space for fellow passengers, creating discomfort during the journey. Let’s strive for a more considerate approach by being mindful of where we place our belongings, ensuring that everyone can find a seat without unnecessary obstacles.

This plea extends beyond the borders of Bangalore and resonates with commuters in metros across the country. Let us collectively work towards creating a culture of courtesy and understanding during our daily travels. Taking advantage of reserved spaces may inadvertently inconvenience others and hinder the efficient functioning of our public transportation system.

As the Bangalore Metro continues to grow, we would need to be more mindful of other travellers as people from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds use the Namma Metro. This would help make Bangalore even a better metropolitan than it already is. 

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