Shashi Tharoor slams ‘Hindi Rashtravadis’ for misspelling South Indian state names on app


Shashi Tharoor, an Indian MP and a prominent politician has expressed his anger on social media over the misspelling of two Indian states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, on the official app. The states were written as “Kerela” and “Tamil Naidu,” respectively, which prompted Tharoor to lash out against the “Hindi Rashtravadis” who are running the app.

In a tweet, Tharoor criticized the Hindi Rashtravadis for not taking the time to learn the names of the Indian states and urged them to do so. He wrote, “All of us Dakshin Bharatvasis would be grateful if the Hindi Rashtravadis running could kindly take the trouble to learn the names of our states. Please!?”

Here’s Shashi Tharoor’s Tweet on the massive blunder!

Outrage on social media

The misspelling of the names of the states has sparked outrage among the people of the respective states, who feel that their cultural identity and linguistic heritage is being disrespected. The issue has also raised questions about the level of cultural sensitivity and awareness of the people running the app, and whether they are fit to be in charge of such a platform.

The app is a government-run platform that provides citizens with information about various government schemes and initiatives. With such a platform, it is important that the information provided is accurate and culturally sensitive. The misspelling of the names of the states is a serious oversight and raises questions about the quality control processes in place for the app.

In conclusion, Shashi Tharoor’s tweet highlights the importance of cultural sensitivity and the need for those in charge of such platforms to be aware of the cultural heritage and linguistic traditions of the regions they serve. The misspelling of the names of the Indian states on the the app is a serious issue that needs to be addressed promptly to avoid further cultural tensions and misunderstandings.

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