Social Media can’t handle people having fun on New Year’s Day in Bangalore


The New Year’s Day is probably a good reason for the younger generation and the FOMO crowd to go out and get wasted into the night. Bangalore, India’s Tech capital is one such place that has both of these groups in abundance. 

Every year, there are a multitude of stories and videos coming out from the Karnataka capital about the New Year’s celebration and this year is no different. Probably the most viral videos coming from Bangalore’s New Year’s celebration don’t paint a good picture of the festivities. 

This viral video from Bangalore’s New Year’s celebration shows intoxicated partygoers passing out in the streets of Bangalore’s MG road. Church Street which houses a number of pubs is where most Bangalore peeps go out to drink during New Year’s Day. As a result, the street is filled with a drunk crowd trying too hard to forget about their boring 9-5 soul-crushing job. 

A lot of social media users however have called out Bangalore’s New Year’s celebration as an attack on the culture of India. But that is how the country has been for the past decade or so. There is a rise in social media police who is ready to judge everyone and anyone who has a little bit of fun. Of course, these social media users would do exactly the same thing if not more if they had a chance to do any of the things that Bangalore’s New Year’s Day partygoers did. The Social Media justice warriors however live in rural areas or small towns where the most exciting thing they could do is go and have paani puri. 

Bangalore Metro to the rescue

Bangalore has had trouble with Partygoers in the past but the coming up of Metro has helped the city become more organized when it comes to these festivals and RCB’s IPL matches, which are a festival in themselves. 

This time around, the Bangalore Metro was plying till 2 AM (up from 11 PM) which helped partygoers reach their destination without having to spend a fortune on OLA and UBER. 

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