Suppress Your Depress : Not Everything Is Doom and Gloom


The whole coronavirus situation has made the world a gloomy place. With no end in sight to this pandemic along with a slumping economy, the youth in the country is feeling increasingly sad. News media, on the other hand, is busy sharing sad news since those get clicks. Depression among the youth is at an all-time high. Not all, however, is doom and gloom, there are good things happening in the world as well. This article tries to give light to those

Just 0.03% of the population is currently infected with Coronavirus in India
Coronavirus testing India

I’ve heard many of my friends claiming that everyone in the country is certain to get infected by the virus at one point in time. It certainly looks like it the more news you watch. However, Our 99.07% of the population is still not infected by the virus that shows how tough humans are. Masks, sanitisers and social distancing can take care of the coronavirus if used properly. If the social distancing was maintained since March, we would have gotten rid of coronavirus today, but poorly implemented lockdown and stupidity from a small chunk of our population has gotten us into July with cases still rising. Coronavirus will be over one day, just like wars, famines, floods, we just need to make sure the destruction is minimized.

Bollywood has been exposed
sushant singh and karan johar

Sushant Singh Rajput demise was a shock to everyone in the country. A hardworking and talented guy falling prey to the vultures of Bollywood showed how rotten to the core the whole of Bollywood really is. People started to see today’s actors for who they really are, talentless kids backed by parent’s money and good editing. The whole of Bollywood came out to wash their dirty clothes in public and everyone could see what a bunch of money chasing a**holes they really are. To think that we took advice on morality from this bunch is ironic. At least now people would not fill theatres for Ananya Pandeys of the Bollywood with zero skill and crores spent for PR.

While the death of Sushant Singh is still being investigated, the whole of India has seen the true face of Bollywood and hopefully won’t be fooled again.

Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone in India

Apple that earlier manufactured iPhone 11 in China has now started its manufactured in Chennai. Not only will it be good for the economy but also the cost of new iPhones would be cheaper. China’s increasing foul play in the world market has pushed companies to look for opportunities somewhere else. India looks to be the best option for manufacturing companies at the moment. Post COVID-19 India would be a potential manufacturing hub for many such companies. Google also recently invested $4.5 billion in Jio which means affordable technology could reach every corner of the country.

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